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RightsCentral Terms of Use

Effective: June 19, 2008

  1. Acceptance of Terms of Use.
  2. Access, Username and Password.
  3. Permissions.
  4. Indemnity.
  5. Other Agreements.

Acceptance of Terms of Use.
These RightsCentral terms of use, together with the Copyright.com Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy posted by Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. ("CCC") on its website at copyright.com, which are incorporated herein by reference (collectively, the "Terms of Use"), govern your use of the RightsCentral website (the "Website") made available by CCC, allowing you full access to and use of the Website and the services offered through the Website (the "Services").

By using the Website, you represent that you have read, and that you understand, accept and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use.  If you are accepting on behalf of your employer or another entity, you represent and warrant that you have full legal authority to bind such entity.  As used herein, "you" and "your" refer (a) to you individually if you are accepting on your own behalf; and (b) to your organization if you are accepting on its behalf. 

If you do not agree to and accept the Terms of Use, you may not use the Website or the Services.

Access, Username and Password.

a. You will be provided a unique RightsCentral account username and password to access the Website and the Services.  You understand and acknowledge that your RightsCentral username and password may be used to provide, access and modify information (some of which may be sensitive and confidential to your organization) regarding your participation in CCC's licensing and other services, and to grant or deny permissions with respect to certain copyrighted works ("Works") to which you hold rights.  You further acknowledge that multiple usernames and passwords within a single participating organization maybe used to access all permission requests and information for that organization.

b. You warrant that:

i. you are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password and of the information you access though the Website, and for all activities that occur (including, without limitation, permissions that are granted or denied and any changes that are made to your account) using your username and password;

ii. you are fully responsible for all information (including the accuracy and completeness thereof) that is provided or modified through the Website using your username and password;

iii. you are fully responsible for the security of any computers or internal networks used by you to access the Website and the Services; and

iv. except to the extent explicitly requested by CCC, you will not convey to CCC, through the Website or otherwise, any personally identifying information regarding yourself, your employees or contractors or other persons.


a. By using the Grant Permissions feature of the Website you will have the ability to grant or deny non-pre-authorized permission requests online.

b. When you register to use the Grant Permission Service, you will receive regular e-mail notifications regarding new and outstanding permission requests. Permission requests that are outstanding for more than fifty-five (55) days from the original request date will be automatically returned to the customer as "Deny – Rightsholder not responding".

c. Permission responses, royalty fees and other terms applied to permission requests made though the Grant Permission Service will instantly be available to the CCC customer requesting permission.  Unless specifically authorized by you, CCC will not, and has no responsibility to, review, edit or otherwise contribute to or interfere with the content of these responses.

d. By granting any permission request, you grant to the requestor the non-exclusive right to use identified portions of the relevant Work in accordance with CCC's service description for the Service(s) identified in the request, subject to the pricing and any special instructions specified by you in the permission response.  Copies of CCC's service descriptions for its transactional licensing services are available for viewing here.

e. Grant or Deny permission responses must apply to the complete page range requested by the customer.  If you are not able to permission a request in its entirety, or if you have other issues with respect to a permission response, you may contact CCC at any time and we will attempt to work with you and, if applicable, the requestor, to handle any modification.  CCC may not, however, be able to make any such modification on a timely basis.

f. During the permission process, you will have the option to authorize CCC to grant non-exclusive permissions for all future requests for a particular Work under one or more identified licensing services by selecting the appropriate checkbox under "Optional Instructions for CCC".  Any such authorizations will apply to the entire Work (i.e., the entire bibliographic title and not only those portion(s) specified in the permission request in response to which you checked the box) from that time forward.  CCC's standard terms for the relevant transactional licensing service will apply to any permission granted by CCC under such authorization, subject to the pricing and other special instructions specified by you on the Website.  You may terminate any such authorization at any time upon written notice to CCC; provided that any such termination will not affect any permissions already granted by CCC under such authorization.

g. With respect to any authorization or permission that is granted or denied with respect to a Work using your account, you warrant that:

i. you have the rights necessary to grant or deny such authorization or permission; and

ii. unless expressly specified in a separate agreement between you and CCC, you bear sole responsibility for making any payments due to any other person who may hold rights in such Work.


You indemnify and agree to hold harmless CCC and its employees, officers and directors from any liability to which any of the foregoing may be subject arising out of or in connection with (a) any breach of any of the warranties in Sections 2 and 3 above, or of the other Terms of Use, or (b) any activities on your behalf that are authorized through the Website using your username and password.

Other Agreements.

To the extent that you and CCC are parties to another written agreement with respect to any specific products or services offered by CCC, the terms of which agreement conflict with these Terms of Use, the terms of such written agreement shall prevail over the conflicting terms hereof.